Truth is regarded as the highest of the virtues by humans of all races and kinds. This is the basis of all the relationships, friendships, and bonds in the world. But not all people are not as good as they seem the first time you meet them. There are always some fake people present among us who spread negativity so it is better to stay away from them.

Although experience is the best teacher, having some backhand information is never harmful. This may help you to avoid the worst of times and bad decisions later in life, and to gain lessons from inspirational words given by wise people all along. We have come up with some qualities of fake people for you so you can identify them next time you meet someone in your life.

1. Telling lies:

One of the foremost qualities of a fake person is that they tell loads of lies to everyone. They often tend to pose things that are not true, either about themselves or others. Some of the signs that people are telling lies are

  • They are inconsistent with everything they say.
  • They show weird expressions like excess blinking, blushing, or fake smiles.
  • Too many hand gestures
  • Stammering a lot while talking
  • Explain things with extremism
  • Mix up details while retelling the stories

Hope this will help you catch a lie next time you witness one.

2. Talk behind your back:

You must have definitely heard someone talking or doing this to you at some point in life. Hypocrisy or as it is called, talking behind your back is a clear sign of fakeness.

People mostly talk too much like this because they are weak inside and they mostly follow people or crowds for no reason. They lack the ability to think rationally themselves. Sometimes, they may also do this out of sheer enviousness that they might feel as a result of you achieving your goals and achievements. 

3. Not present at the time of need:

One of the surest signs of fakeness is that fake people are never present by your side when you need them most in difficult phases of your life. This should help us to identify the people who are true to us and those who are not. A real eye-opener at times!

This bailing out of the fake person at the down moments of our lives mostly leaves us broken and emotionally unstable. But this is necessary to hold our grounds tight at such times.

4. Bragging too much:

Limelight and power attract most people but sometimes people fail their close relationships for their greed of power. This is what separates fake people from others. You might have heard of and seen people like this in your life. To top it all up, they brag about this so much that the real essence of that thing is lost. Beware of such people!

5. Extreme attitudes:

Unexplained and extreme attitude changes are other star signs of fakeness. Such people tend to be super happy, supportive, and positive at times and on other hand are grumpy and angry for abnormal reasons. This is a clear-cut indication for you to avoid such people.

6. Try to please everyone:

It is human nature that people differ from each other at some points or opinions. Someone once gave a lesson through his inspirational words that no one follows blindly each other, if they do so this is clearly a sign of fakeness of that person. To get attention or to enter the spotlight, they try to mimic the person they are inspired by. 

7. Position of power:

Some people are too attracted to power that they often forget about other things in life. This is often linked with fake people. They usually love to make friends with those kinds of people who have high contacts or somehow are in a position of power. They butter up such people to get the benefit for themselves but if the time fails the power, a fake person leaves them too. 

8. Attention seekers:

Fake people love to get attention. They love to show off their belongings, efforts, or gestures that they do for other people to get praise for them. This is an annoying quality which surely you don’t want in your friend circle. 

9. Gossips:

Gossiping and criticizing other people and de-motivating them is the favorite pastime of the fake people. They cannot see others getting ahead of them and achieving their goals. This is a red sign for you to back off from such people before it gets too late. 

10. Manipulative behavior:

Getting advice from your friend is always good but lookout for people who try to de-motivate you from a good cause, because such people are fake and often manipulate you to prevent you from achieving your goals. Refrain from giving your trust to people who don’t deserve it and might later use it for their own purpose.

How to deal with fake people?

Dealing with fake people is never easy, but this is what life teaches us. We have to learn ways to deal with fake people. Whenever we fall down, bravery lies in standing up again on our feet, with or without support. By doing this a person becomes stronger than before. This is the real spirit that helps us to deal with setbacks. Patience and intelligence are the best tricks that help us to deal with fakeness.


It is a fact that everyone has come across fake people at least once in their life. The appropriate way to let go of such people is to be mentally and emotionally strong enough to recognize them before the time is too late. Always be careful in choosing friends to put your trust with. So be happy and be wise.

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