Men are never direct in expressing their feelings. Whether it is normal day-to-day emotions or complicated relationships. They avoid being expressive. Instead, they prefer to do small acts or gestures to make you feel special and loved. Some of the things that men do when they are falling in love are mentioned here for you.

Spend more time:

When getting to know one another, spending more and more time with each other, is usually the first step. Men fall for women only when they get to know them better. This is mainly the time when they start to develop feelings, which makes them want to spend quality time together.

Compliments you :

Taking notice of the little things like changing your daily lipstick, the dress you are wearing, what color suits you more, and then complimenting you about little things indicates that they do take notice of you and are falling in love with you. 

These compliments are a small statement that shows the value you enough in their lives to make you a part of their lives.

Pacify you:

You had a rough day? Get scolded at work or the day didn’t go as planned? Or missed a deadline?

 Your partner can help you wear that stress off and calm you down. Men, in such cases, often listen to you to make you feel better. They might as well make a cup of hot tea or coffee to make you feel at home and would then gossip with you to make the situation a good memory. It shows that they are falling in love. 

Birthday surprises:

A surprise party with close friends, a cake, glowing lights, dinner with lots of gossips,s and a well-spent evening ending with a perfect birthday gift. This is a fantasy often pictured by many girls.

But things like these become reality when a man actually starts caring about you. Stay in the background kind of person who just wants to see that smile of yours. Men do this rarely but they do this!

Introduce to friend and family

When a guy is falling in love with someone, he is keen to introduce her to his friends and family. He would wear you like a prestigious prize or a trophy showing it to everyone about the person he cares about. It is just his way of showing he cares about you.

Teases you:

Your man is not only your secret admirer but also your best friend. According to a definition, a friend is not a best friend until and unless he knows about your stupidest of the things and teases you on that.

Whether that be a shitty presentation, how your best moment was ruined by your own stupidity, any weird ideal you have, or any foolish thing you did or said. 

Expecting to get those things to go unnoticed is just impossible. And expecting him to not enjoy them is total hopelessness. 

Brings out the best in you:

Whenever you are with him, you feel safe, unjudged, free to express yourself. And this is the thing which helps you to bring out the best, the creative, inventive and innovative self of yours. 

He supports you through your every decision and wants you to achieve the best in your life. He is like a guiding light on your quest. It shows that he is falling in love with you.

Hold your bags while shopping:

Taking bags while shopping is a bit underrated but this is still kind of a cute gesture that men do while shopping. Letting you select things to buy and picking the heavy loads themselves, is their way of showing they care for you.

Don’t forget the after shopping treats. Ice cream or cold coffee or anything you like for all that walking is one of the cutest things they do. But they won’t ever say it aloud.

Listens to you:

Men are usually the best listeners, as long as they care about you. When they are falling in love with you, they want to ease all your troubles and make you happy because your happiness is all that matters for them. 

The long, deep shit, pillow talks are usually the best way to erase your frustrations, bring out all the stress piling in your brain, and get the best advice possible. 

Protective for you:

When a man starts falling in love with you, he is super protective of you. He tries as hard as he could to prevent any kind of problem from coming to you. 

Whether that is walking on the traffic side on the road or removing the stones from the path you are walking on. 

Also, he won’t let anyone say foul things about you because he can’t stand anything against you. This reflects that he genuinely cares about you. 

Performs little gestures:

Men don’t express themselves openly rather they tend to do small gestures you like just to see that smile on your face.

This could be anything you like. Like cooking something for you when you are taking stress or bring your favorite snack for you when you are a foodie. Like cleaning things up for you are taking you out for a ride.

These gestures are his way of showing his love and attention for you.

Reasons for being inexpressive:

Men tend to keep their feelings to themselves because they are often scared of the fact that if they express themselves openly, they might scare away or lose the person they love. This is the reason they perform cute gestures of love and care to get the attention of whom they are falling in love with.