Kingdom of the sun rising; Japan, the world know this country just because of this fact, but it has much more exciting points other than that. Japan is a well-known country for its amazing inventions and weird things. Some of them are bizarre, while others are brilliant. Numerous countries are renowned worldwide for their unique characteristics, but Japan is at the top in weird facts. The government has a reputation for inventing things, Some are strange, some are insane, and others are in the middle. Remember how many people laughed at the selfie stick only a few years ago? Time passes rapidly, and we can now see it in practically every hand. Here we have a list of weird facts about japan; these inventions look insane but increase comfort in life.

Train seats can be turned around

You can turn your seat to any side if you don’t enjoy sitting with your back in the direction of travel. Japan gives freedom to every passenger to travel like they own the center. The weird fact is that you can turn your set towards the window if you don’t like fellow passengers’ company.

A motorcycle helmet with a ponytail hole

Japanese motorcycle helmet manufacturers care about ladies, especially those who like speed and beautiful hair at the same time. Women also need to look beautiful even when riding a bike, so weird things must happen, like the helmet with a ponytail hole is the best option.

In a public restroom, a spot to hold the baby.

Every parent dreams about having a specific area to sit their child in while they go about their business. If you don’t want to leave your kid outside the bathroom alone and not comfortable talking with you inside, then the Japanese have the solution for these weird things.

 A restaurant for the lonely

If you’re uncomfortable sitting alone in a café, this is an option for you: the staff will give you a soft toy in front of you if you arrive alone; weird facts about japan! The best thing about the toy is that it will not interrupt, and not even you will look strange while talking to an invisible companion.

 Diagonal crossings

In Tokyo, they even have corresponding zebra crossings. Actually, in most cases, we still use diagonal corners even without a zebra to save our time which is not safe, and we break the rules. Many of us would give much to have a diagonal crossing, and we will be too happy to have these weird facts in our country.

A tablet holder

Your hands will always be accessible when you have a tablet holder which perfects for watching movies, and even if you want to watch Netflix binge on a tablet without tiring yourself, you should also use this. We wonder if there is an idea of plate and spoons holders, or feeder holders, ah! Weird things and Sweet dreaming.

The Sunglasses for dogs in a variety of styles.

This invention appeared unusual and was included as weird things at first, but then you understand that dogs, like humans, may dislike strong sunshine. The intelligent Japanese thought about it and their adorable small friends are protected, far more than cute.

A karaoke microphone that is “quiet.”

This mic will help you if you don’t want to bother people with your singing or are simply too bashful to sing out loud: it muffles your voice so that only you can hear it. Honestly, these weird things look a bit strange; who wants to sing silently without a dramatic outburst.

 Separate slippers for the bathroom

Separate slippers for bathroom, what do you think who can invent this footwear? Of course, Japan. Even if it is clean, the Japanese regard their bathroom to be the dirtiest room in the house; they can’t wear the same shoes they use to go around the rest of the house inside it. Now we can see those slippers in almost every home; they did the right thing; however, people firstly included them in weird facts about japan.

 Cushion for working while lying down.

When you work on your laptop while lying on your stomach, your hands rapidly become tiring. That is why this holder has been created. These weird facts were first observed in Japan that working in a horizontal position in such a comfortable environment, it’s fantastic, and you will not get tired quickly of your work.

Instead of a number on the building, the owner’s last name is shown.

It’s a big challenge to locate a house in Japan just on its address, weird facts! The majority of the streets here have no names, and house numbers are assigned based on their built year. As a result, you’ll frequently notice a plaque bearing the name of the home’s owner.


Over the toilet water tank, a saving sink

For those concerned about water conservation and the environment, this is a dream come true. When you use the supply tank to wash your hands, it collects moisture from the sink, requiring you to use it again.

Fully automated stores

Japan is a country where robots and automated machines are used to replace humans whenever possible. For instance, some shops have no assistants,  only devices can be seen in those stores, and when people like us, they might wonder about the weird facts about japan, how can they trust those machines too much.

 A hotel where a robot dinosaur will check you in

There is a robotic dinosaur clerk who will check you in; you can see strange things in almost all the hotels of Japan. People not only go there for food but also for amusement

A napkin that covers your face when you eat a burger

People in Japan get embarrassed to open their full mouths to eat the massive burger in front of everyone in the restaurant, weird facts! One hotel noticed it first, and they develop a napkin that will cover their chewing mouth while eating a burger; most of us also want it.

 A transforming tatami

Japanese like to work while sitting on the floor, eating, sleeping, and working. Japan has developed a mat that you can turn into a tab holder and almost everything.

 An umbrella “parking lot.”

A parking lot of umbrella, you can see outside almost all the offices of Japan. People don’t like to take the umbrella inside the building, so they have created an umbrella parking lot like the car parking area. Weird facts!

 Easy-to-open cans

Unlike the cans were used to, now we can see there is a ring on the cans to open it easily. Their factories first manufactured it, and afterward, the whole world adopted this way for easiness.

Strange mayo

While the world uses simple mayo, the Japanese prefer to eat their special mayo with food, salads, and meat, even with ice cream and pen cakes.


The whole world uses automatic elevators with multifunctional phases; the weird fact is that Japan still uses liftmen in almost every prominent building.


We’d want to point out that “weird things ” isn’t necessarily a bad thing and that, from another perspective, it’s legitimate to wonder why the West is so strange in comparison to Japan. However, for visitors to Japan, it is the country’s distinct characteristics of culture that make it one of the fascinating destinations on the planet. Many weird facts about japan about the culture which is entirely untouched by outside influences as an island nation with a long history of isolation. It’s no surprise that Japan appears to have a high tolerance for strangeness to Western eyes. They care about people’s comfort rather than looking terrific, and that’s why they create weird things, but these are fantastic inventions made by them.

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