The whole world is compiled of interesting and amazing facts and it will be interesting to know about them. Today we are going to discuss those amazing and informative facts about the world.

1. Los Angeles can fit in the entire world’s population:

The total population of the world is greater than 7.5 billion and it’s a huge number. According to the report of National Geographic, if the entire population stood with each other, they can fit in the entire area of Los Angeles of about 500 square miles.

2. You can’t buy Coca-Cola in North Korea and Cuba:

Coca-Cola is the only fizzy drink that is almost available in every part of the World but not in North Korea and Cuba. According to BBC, this drink is sold everywhere but still, it is not sold in North Korea and Cuba. This is because these two countries are under continuing trade restrain with the U.S.

3. The coldest temperature the earth has ever experienced:

The coldest temperature on Earth which has been recorded so far is -114 Fahrenheit degrees. This temperature was noted in research during the period in 2004 – 2006, which took place in Antarctica. A few moments in that air, with that temperature, can kill a human being by inducing hemorrhage in the lungs.

4. The world’s Youngest country

In the list of the amazing facts about the world, it is also an important one. A few countries are centuries old, while some countries have their history back from more than a hundred years. Still, South Sudan in North Africa is the only country that has got its independence in 2011 from Sudan. This currently gives it the title of the youngest country in the world.

5. There are more Facebook uses than the combined U.S., China, and Brazil population

 A Facebook user? If not, then you’re a member of a class that is getting increasingly tiny every passing day. The 2 billion users are active on social media, which is far more as compared to the combined inhabitants of China, Brazil, and the U.S. Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder, and CEO of Facebook said, they’re making progress towards linking the world, and now make the world more closely.

6. The ants on Earth altogether have weight equal to all of the humans:

The world’s population still hasn’t reached 8 billion. But there are approximately 10,000,000,000,000,000 ants wriggling around the World. According to Chris Packham, the wildlife presenter, in his appearance on BBC claimed, when all of the ants in the world are combined, they will weigh equally as all the human beings. Wasn’t it one of the amazing facts about the world?

7. The oceans consists of almost 200,000 various types of viruses:

If you like to swim in the ocean then you might not like to know about the fact that the blue ocean is home to about two hundred thousand various classes of virus. Matthew Sullivan, a microbiologist, told CNN, that a road map helps in doing many things that we would be interested, in order to understand the ocean. However, he further stated that he hates to say that maybe the ocean has to be engineered at some point to tackle the climate changes.

8. The quietest room in the World:

Silence is a blessing as it is said, while this was surely the motivation behind those who thought of building this quiet room. It is present in Redmond, at the headquarters of Microsoft. This room computes sound of -20.35 DBA, approximately 20 decibels under the hearing ability of humans. According to CNN, this room has broken the previous records of the places that were known as the world’s quietest places.

9. Most Tourist-Friendly Country in the World:

Many people prefer to visit France as compared to other countries in the world. France is a fascinating country, filled with tasty wines, mouth-watering cheese, and a touch of glamor. Every year more than 80 million tourists visit France. The United Nations World Tourism Organization reports, France is the most preferred country by the tourist than any other country so far. It is also one of the amazing facts about the world.

10. People aged 60 years and above make up 12.3 percent of the global population.

Although a large number of the current population is below the age of 30 years, still we have many elderly people amidst us. There are about a percent of 12.3 human beings on Earth that are aged 60 years and above. It is expected that by the year 2050, this rate will reach 22 percent.

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