Many people have little knowledge about Apple WWDC 2021, and many people have no idea about this particular event. Here we will answer your every question like, what is Apple WWDC 2021. Which are the things going to be launched in this specific event? And overall, what is the importance of a worldwide developer’s conference? Well, we all are familiar with Apple hardware products, but also they make software products. They own the IO’s, iPad’s os, watch OS, and tv OS and all the software like in iOS. We talk about the Apple app store, CB, and there are so many things included in it. On the other hand, Google also owns many things. They have companies called alphabets, chrome browser, google maps, and an entirely different ecosystem of google services that don’t include the name of Google-like Fitbit, Nest, and Youtube.

Every single year google comes with their IO in which they discuss the new improvements. Apple has its worldwide developer’s conference; in June, Apple conducts this event; they invite all the web programmers or the web developers working in the large companies and software or website oriented companies to discuss all the features. In this event, Apple launch the next version of every single os, having two main goals behind this event.

  • To introduce the new OS to the entire world, they explain all the new features.
  • To tell everything to the web developers, all app and web developers can make changes to suit the new OS.

What to expect from worldwide development conference 2021

Google IO is done, and so is Microsoft build, which means apple’s worldwide developer conference is the last big software showcase for a couple of months, and the compact is planning to make a splash the keynote kicks off. If you can’t wait to learn about what Apple is gearing up to show off this year and What to expect, let’s look at this stuff to know what’s coming and some of the things we hope might be developed and upgraded.  Apple’s annual worldwide developer’s conference will be held in the next week, and all the eyes are on technology held by apple. While this event has usually been relatively technical. Which is focusing on the software that powers apple’s fantastic products. There is a chance we could see some hardware reveals. The main focus of this event will be the minds behind this year’s following collection of the product.

IOS dark mode:

IOS will have the dark option. It would allow consumers to enjoy the low-light mode on iPhones after it became popular on the Ma. There might be minor tweaks to the colors that are used when the iPhone is dark.

Multitasking features:

More multitasking features will be added to the iPads; WatchOS is expected to overhaul significantly, including the A7 chip.

New versions of OS:

What to expect from Apple WWDC 2021? It is expected to see many new things in the developer conference such as new versions of iOS, iPads, and TV OS, watch OS, and mac os.

Ios and iPad os 15:

Users of the iPhone and iPad will be the ability to modify their notification options based on their current condition. Which will be introduced at the worldwide developer’s conference. For example, if you are awake, you might set your iPhone to send notifications with sound while sound might be disabled if you are sleeping. Users will be able to choose among driving, working, or sleeping categories. And they also will be able to create custom categories to handle incoming messages in various ways.

Automatic replies menu option:

Apple WWDC 2021 will introduce a new setting for the automatic replies menu option for selecting a model available in the control center and even on the lock screen. With messages, we are also expecting some new features to better compete with apps like WhatsApp. But new features for iMessage remain unknown mainly.

Food tracking feature:

It is an unconfirmed rumor that Apple is planning to add a new feature of food tracking to the health app, but it’s unclear exactly how expansive that feature might be. This could allow users to enter the food items they consume. It will be done by providing nutritional details and calorie tracking through a built-in database.

Interface changes:

We’ve seen some minor interface changes spotted in screenshots of accessibility features coming in ios 15 with apple using inset cells and merge navigation bars in the setting app. These changes could also be brought to other areas of the operating system and kind of add a little bit of shake-up to what you are currently used to seeing.

Home screen:

It is expected that Apple unveils a new home screen for the iPad that will let users place widgets anywhere throughout the home screen.

How to watch the worldwide developer’s conference 2021?

The easiest and quickest way to watch the online streaming of worldwide developers conference 2021 on Monday, June 7 at 10:00 a.m. is youtube which is available on all devices. However, you can also watch it on the apple tv app with the link provided before the event. If you are not comfortable with all of these methods, you have another option: windows pc. It would help if you had a Microsoft edge browser to follow the link WWDC 2021 Livestream. Apple is also planning to stream the event on the apple developer website and apple developer app, making it impossible to miss the event for everyone who wants to watch it.

Final thought:

A few days left for this event to happen, we know that everyone is anxiously waiting what Apple WWDC 2021 will launch something new. We have predicted some of the features introduced in the worldwide developer’s conference. But some are also left because they are unrevealed yet. Significant updates are waiting for you; registrations have been opened up. Like every year, Apple adopts new methods to amaze the developers and users. They divide the finalists into different categories like delight and fun, interaction,  social impact, graphics and visuals, inclusivity, and innovation. We have a few surprises unveiled on June 7 regarding the new update features of apple, so join this event by any methods we have mentioned earlier and don’t miss any updates.

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