Your body depicts your thoughts and feelings about everything without even you knowing it. The way you do things, walk around, talk to others reflects various aspects of your personality. But what you may not know is that many things about a relationship are revealed by a couple sleeping positions.

 In many aspects, we are controlled by our sub consciousness. Like all the traits, your sleeping position and your postures in bed can reveal various facts about your love life.

Psychologists have come up with some sleeping positions that might help you give a deep insight of how your relationship is going.

1. Liberty lovers:

This is the position in which both partners sleep separately on the opposite sides of the bed without touching each other. This is a clear indication of the fact that they respect the boundaries of each other. They are fine with doing their things on their own but as soon as they get back, they share all their feelings, their daily life with each other.

This is a picture showing that they are independent but dependent on each other, for emotional as well as physical stability.

2. Spooning:

Some couples prefer to physically shower their love for their partner in all the situations. One of the most popular positions, spooning is an example of this.

It is one of the most common positions, in which one partner cuddles the other from the back. One of them acts as the protector protecting his partner and the other is the one who needs protection. These type of couple sleeping positions are a cute posture indicating immense trust in each other.

3. Hand holders:

This sweet, little romantic gesture shows the love, trust and compassion for each other. The feeling of staying close and together with the respect of the personal space for their partner is reflected.

It is more common among the couples who do not prefer touching during sleep, but have to feel the presence of their partners. At times, this may also be accompanied by leg hugs.

4. Starfish pose:

This is also known as “Space Hogg”. As the name indicates, it is the posture in which one partner infiltrates the entire bed and causes the other person to gather into a single corner.

Starfish pose is an indicator of forcefully claimed dominance in a relationship and this might be the sign that your bond is moving downhill. The selfish behavior of your partner may be overpowering and there is no regard for the feelings of another person.

5. The nuzzle:

This sleeping position is an ultimate gesture of love, care and protection in newly made couples where one partner sleeps with her head on the shoulder of another partner and the other have his arm as a protective barrier around her.

This does not mean submission of ourselves but gives a strong message of appreciating the independently dependent self appreciating the love and care required to you by your partner. It is one of the sweetest gestures with a bonus of peaceful sleep all night.

6. Cliff hanger

Cliff hanger is an indicator of evolving feelings in a relationship. This posture is sleeping far end corners of the bed, sometimes even with a foot outside hanging by the edge.

Some psychologists believe that it might be the result of the evolution of your relationship. Both partners have full trust in each other which comes out as carelessness and independence, knowing the fact that they could do whatever they want without the fear of being reprimanded or judged.

7. The untangling knot

This couple sleeping position is a mixture of unraveling knots and tangles.

Originally this is an evolving process, starting with tight tangles in a fresh couple. It could also be taken as a tight hug but while lying down,

However, it slowly evolves and modifies into an unraveling knot, slowly moving away into a more comfortable position depicting independence. 

8. Stomach snoozers

This could be an alarming sign for you or your partner to take into consideration. Psychological studies have shown that people mostly sleep on their stomachs when they are having disturbing, anxious thoughts.

Apart from these, this position can give rise to many other problems like back and neck pain all the pressure and weight of your body is put on your spine. Try avoiding this position, and if you can’t help it place a pillow under your stomach relieve the pain. 

9. Back kissers

This position is the both partners facing in the opposite directions but with their backs touching each other. This is seen as one of the most relaxing couple sleeping positions with a sense of security. It is seen in couples who have been together for less than a year that no argument has yet occurred between them.

This shows that both partners have an independent way of living but want the other person with him by his side always. It is  a sign that both partners are comfortable with each other.

10. Face to face

Lying face to face with each other at the same level shows the equal love, respect and compassion each partner holds for each other, with or without touching each other. This is also taken as a pillow talk pose, in which they indulge in deep talks spilling out their secrets and showing them no matter what they will be there for each other.

But realistically thinking this is only short term. Just imagine who would sleep with someone breathing right on their faces.


These are some of the facts but getting too skeptical is not the aim. Love could be an initial attraction but everybody wants a good, sound sleep at night to wake up fresh in the morning. Get to know the advantages and disadvantages of the ways you are sleeping in but just to stay healthy and peaceful both internally and externally.