Our daily life has a lot of facts. We know you have pondered at least once that why more heart attacks on Monday or a lot of the mosquitoes can take the blood completely from one person.  These are the questions that might have scientific answers.

There are many interesting facts based on the human structure and body and we believe many of you have mistrusted them.

ATMs and Washrooms of Public are equitably dirty

 As we know that ATM’s have so far become an unavoidable role in our daily life. However, many people usually sterilize their hands just right after using these ATMs. While on the other hand according to the bacteriologists and their tests that are managed by scientists from the United Kingdom revealed that the ATMs are also very dirty just like the toilets in public. Many of the dangerous bacteria and microbes are present that that is dangerous for the health of humans.

Why Most of the heart attacks happen on Mondays?

 The percentage of heart attack is 20 percent in men and is about 15 percent in and this is approximately increasing on Mondays. This can happen due to fatigue or due to some rest issues moreover, a lot of people who work and take depression can lead to heart attacks scientists also affirmed that the use of alcohol and beverages regularly can cause a heart attack.

People lie more forcefully when they have to go to the toilet

A toilet is a place which is the most visited place in our daily life. People having a full vesica forcefully lie when they have to go the toilet having a strong inclination to go the toilet makes people more focus on self-restraint and saying lies will be then more potent. However, they also avoid some of the extra moves that’s why the analysts who managed a scientific investigation trusted liars who feel that they have to rush towards the washrooms.

The dreams are more interesting if people have a better IQ level

According to scientists people who possess a better IQ level usually experience fascinating dreams that are more shining and are more enduring than those people who have a low-level IQ.  However, there is no need of getting upset. If you don’t remember that what you see in your dreams last night because many of the dreams only last for a few seconds.

People understand better from printed media than digital

 There were some scientists who belonged from Norway. They performed an experiment that was based on the students of the college. They gave students some sheets in the form of printed text and asked some other students to read the content provided on the computer screen. However, the students learned the context better from the printed paper, not from the computer screens. It is also a fact that we learn the information better in printed context rather than from digital media.

The supplement is advantageous

 It is also one of the facts of daily life. The appendix of the cecum in the old times have a very bad influence. People believed that it can cause a huge danger in the life of people in the time of swelling. However, it was considered as a fundamental organ that doesn’t have any importance or benefits in practical. However, the scientists have some other opinions on this. According to scientists appendix is a part of the human structure that stores some of the beneficial bacteria and microbes. The appendix stores important and useful bacteria in the intestine and occupies it with the development of new useful bacteria.

Eating of Garlic with Feet how?

According to research if people rub their ball with their feet then it will taste like garlic after some 30 minutes. It is just due to the allicin. Allicin is basically an organic compound produced during the automatic demolition of garlic. Allicin is that organic compound that has the ability to creep into membranes through cells. It reaches the taste buds that are the reason people who eat garlic smell badly from the whole body.

How did million Mosquitoes feed on one person?

We see a lot of mosquitoes in our daily life. It is true that millions of mosquitoes can feed on only one human. And approximately 1.2 to 1.8 million mosquitoes can feed on one person because the human body has enough blood. However, this also depends according to the weight and the height of a particular person. One mosquito van takes 0.003 ml of human blood with one bite.

In which Season Children grow faster?

As we know children grow differently at different phases. However, according to one of the most interesting researches children grow faster in the spring season. It is believed that the rate of growth might be linked with the sun so the children’s growth is connected with the sun.

The right lung of humans is larger than the left one

There are two lungs in the human body the left one and the right one. Both of them have different volumes and sizes. However, it is a fact that the right lung of humans is bigger than the left lung of humans. It is due to the position of our hearts the right lung of humans is usually heavier and is bigger than the left one. This type of knowledge is necessary for our daily life.

Human eye Resolution:

The resolution of the human is 145 megapixels. It is a fact that if human eyes were digital cameras then the resolution of the human eyes would have been 120 to 140 megapixels.

Humans and Sharks Corneas:

It is one of the most interesting facts that the humans and sharks corneas are similar. Which are used for surgical procedures.

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