Every field of business and industry is going through drastic changes due to the pandemic. Including the entertainment and showbiz industry, from closing the business to changing and transforming their tactics and policies to earn revenue in the tough times of pandemic.

The entertainment industry and showbiz are also going through a dramatic shift because of Covid, but during these difficult times, modern technology is helpful in making things better and keeping the industry running.

The theaters, cinemas, and event halls being shut down due to the pandemic have caused great loss to the entertainment and showbiz industry, as these parts of the industry require crowd and a good number of audience which is not possible while social distancing.

With time and during this pandemic all businesses and industries are looking for a new approach to continue their operations and earn profit by changing their techniques as a result in the coming years’ entertainment and showbiz industry will also look different than what it was a few years back.

We cannot only blame the pandemic for this drastic change coming, no doubt it instigated the process but we could already see the change coming gradually in the entertainment industry, as technology advanced and people were looking for an easy way to keep up with entertainment in their busy lives the trend of cinemas and theatre was already coming towards decline.


Ascent of Digital Entertainment

Digital entertainment has taken a rise in these current years leaving behind traditional entertainment, advance technology has made many changes in the entertainment industry and it is safe to say that most people are attracted to digital entertainment like social media, streaming services, online gaming, etc rather than the traditional entertainment like cinemas, theatres, event halls, etc.

Three of the most common factors contributing to the rise of digital entertainment are:

  • Busy work schedules
  • Covid
  • Technology Advancement

Busy Work Schedules

Life has become tough and people are running 9-5 to earn their living. In this race to get their bread some of them even don’t take out time for entertainment purpose. Whereas, some only prefer watching a movie at night in their homes.

This continuous rush and work have also made digital entertainment and showbiz a trend and an easy to get entertainment.


Another factor that has incited the trend of digital entertainment is the pandemic. Which has made everyone stay at home work from home and entertain themselves at home.

As Covid caused a massive lockdown, people had no other choice than to entertain themselves through digital entertainment sources.

Technology made it very easy for people to enjoy digital entertainment from the comfort of their homes. Many singers, artists, and entertainers are running shows by streaming live concerts.

The Technology Advancement

Technology has advanced a lot every year. If you go back to 2000 life was very different from what it is today. Technology has made everything easier, including work and entertainment.

A large number of people are using smartphones equipped with the latest technology. People are aware of technology advancements and are using that in their daily lives.

Streaming Entertainment Services

There is a rise in digital entertainment. Because the streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc become more preferable today and in the coming year 2022. It will be more common than now.

Streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, HBO, and Hulu have been really helpful. These have made it convenient for people to watch movies, shows, etc without the hassle of going out; hence they are more likable by the workaholics and also for the current difficult times of social distancing.

We can certainly say that streaming is the new normal and the future of traditional entertainment. ’Over-the-top’ video content is gradually becoming the most common way that people watch movies and shows. According to the prediction by PWC The media and entertainment revenue for OTT Video will reach 30.6 Billion USD in 2022.

The future of the entertainment industry

The losses suffered by the entertainment industry because of the pandemic and long closure of cinemas and concert halls, it has also opened the doors of new opportunities and possibilities for the entertainment and showbiz industry.

In the coming years, there is a prediction that most of the entertainment will be digital and accessible to the viewers easily from their smartphones, entertainment will look quite different than it was in previous years.

Even if the theatres and cinemas reopen the audience will not be very comfortable and confident coming back to the cinemas in the risky situation as most of the people have converted and become habitual to digital entertainment at home, hence, streaming and OTT can be called as new normal in 2022.

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