We have heard many things about the places that are in our range, but what about the forbidden places we are not allowed to enter. Have you ever thought that why we are forbidden to visit them? 

It is nearly impossible to imagine the existence of such places in the World we breathe. To label some of them; special military bases that are accessed by staff members only, fragile historical sites, and some wild places about which we couldn’t even dream. Still many of such place makes us curious about them, like a forbidden drink that becomes worth while. Here are some forbidden places to enter.

1. The Fort Knox in Kentucky, USA

Fort Knox is known as the world’s heavily protected place. In addition to this Fort Knox is a place for the largest half of the US gold reserves. It can easily blow anyone’s mind to know that this guarded place has minimum security precautions.

The staff members also cannot approach the vault. In order to have an approach to it, they gain the knowledge of various amalgamations but each member is aware of only one. This is why the staff members enter it with the help of their colleagues. Besides, the building can hold out against any natural attack due to its concrete-lined granite structure and enforcement in steel. It is one of the forbidden places of the world.

2. The Pluto’s Gate, Turkey

In ancient times, the gate in Hierapolis known as Pluto’s gate was believed to be a threatening place by the people, they never dared to come across it. The ancient historian Strabo visited that place and performed an experiment. He threw in some sparrows and died as soon as they got near. He explained that no living being could survive over there.

In 1965, the scientists confirmed its reputation. They measured the carbon dioxide concentration and founded that when the temperature decreases at night, the air becomes lighter than carbon dioxide, and CO2 forms a sort of a lake at the bottom of the gate. At daybreak, the concentration of carbon dioxide is at its peak which results in the death of any living being. So, it is one of the forbidden places to enter.

3. The Poveglia, Italy

Poveglia is an island located between Lido and Vince. This small island was used as an epidemic station and hosted many infected people about 160,000 or more, who lived the last days of their life there. In view of some reports, human remains cover 50% of the soil. As if it wasn’t a huge disaster after some time this island had a mental institution having a very frightening reputation. Later this place was closed and came into the list of places where nobody is allowed to enter.

Of course, anyone not in their right state of mind would want to visit that blood-curdling place.

4. The ILha Da Queimada Grande, Brazil

This place is also named Snake Island, Ilha da Grande is a shelter for large inhabitants of deadly snakes. In view of some reports, this island has a snake in every square meter. It makes our bodies shiver to know that they are only frightening because of the appearance but also these snakes are the most savage species of the world. Lancehead viper is also among them whose bite melts the flesh around it because of the poisonous venom in it.

So it is easily understandable why the Brazilian government has forbidden to enter the island.

5. The Grand Shrine Of Ise, Japan

Grand Shrine of Ise is a dominant site for the religion of Shinto. This place was constructed to regard the Amaterasu, a spirit of the universe and sun. Strangely, the shrine was built without using nails. It is stranger that, the temple is reconstructed after 20 years, according to the view of Shinto about death and revival (recently, this happened in 2013). When they rebuilt the shrine, they repeatedly use the technique of wood consolidation and do not make use of nails.

To retain the place sacred, priests and members of the imperial family are only allowed to go there. The rest can only look towards the temple through wooden fences.

6. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway

It is also named “the Doomsday Vault”, the seed vault of Norway is the supreme location for us. And It stocks about 100,000,000 seeds from around the world in order to rehabilitate the communities of plants if anything dreadful happens to the plant life of the planet. It cooperated in 2008, the vault was constructed to last for about 200 years, it has the capability to hold out against any explosion and natural calamity like an earthquake. Furthermore, since it was built on a mountainside, it will always be above sea level, even if all the glaciers on the planet melts.

It’s fascinating that the seed vault does not follow any politics, North Korea has also disposed of seeds over there for storage purposes.

7. The Mausoleum Of Qin Shi Huang, China

Even though the Emperor Qin Shi Huang tomb was tracked down in 1947 on mining the Terracotta Army, still it hasn’t and there are no plans to dig it down. The rivals of digging down the tomb claim that the latest technologies will not be able to stop its demolition. Because of this, its access is stickily forbidden by the government of China. Because they seek to protect their inheritance and also have regard for the man in the tomb.

The facts that we are aware of the mausoleum are that it has a composite matrix of below-ground tunnels. The tunnel is filled with various objects that the ruler could have wanted in his life after death, according to thinking of those who buried him. Amidst others, it holds the duplication of his army made up of clay, known as the Terracotta Army.

8. The Lascaux Caves, France

All of the UNESCO World estate places are not accessible to the public. Lascaux Caves in France is one of them, which has been forbidden to enter since 1963. It was banned because they were frightened by a stream of fungal occupation due to many visitors. This instance disclosed that the human existence seems noxious for the caves. So to safeguard the examples of about 900 pre-historic works of art of the Paleolithic age, tourists cannot visit it now.

Now, these caves are approachable only by the guards for security purposes, still, they have to follow certain restrictions during the visit. They are allowed to spend only a few minutes there and can only visit it once a week. So, it also comes in the list of forbidden places in the world.

9. The Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican

The Vatican Secret Archives provides a storehouse for the large number of documents associating with the Catholic Church. Some of the documents are very old as from the centuries. Amid others, there are holy account books, Michelangelo’s letter for Pope Julius II, a letter of Mary Queen of Scots written prior to execution, and Martin Luther’s denouncement report.

The majority of the record is located below ground and it has approximately 85 kilometers (53 miles) of racks. Only researchers with a special license can access it but with multiple limitations according to the document they want to view, while the rest are forbidden to enter.

10. The Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan, India

It is also one of the forbidden places in the world. There has always been a severe ban on the entrance of the Bhangarh Fort. Being announced as a possessed place by the government of India, this fort of the 17th century is full of tales regarding curses and ghosts. Those tales will surely make your body shiver and invite a lot of nightmares.

You might be thinking about those daring people who visit it at night, well it is a mystery as there is no information about it. The locals say that, whoever dared to enter there, disappeared mysteriously and was never seen again.

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