Are your kids stressed about going back to school, which is going to resume after extended quarantine? Or maybe they are excited that their life routine is going to change. It may be like the first day they were a little scared of all the new kids in their class, new teachers, or maybe they would make new friends. It is normal to be anxious because this quarantine has made us lazy, and now kids are afraid of gatherings where they will meet a lot of kids and other people. It’s time for the parents to play a leading role in their kid’s lifestyle solutions; as parents, you need to introduce some new strategies to your kids to get help in their routine more quickly and tell them how to feel better.

You have to tell your kids that it’s time to impress your fellows and teachers with your hunger for knowledge and talent.

Identifying the anxiety of your kids:

In history, this might be the most extended vacation kids ever had, so the condition is not as normal as you are thinking. After all the chaos due to covid-19, going back to school routine is not an easy task. Your kids might be struggling with anxiety and stress, but you ignore it; that’s not good for children’s health. You need to identify either your kids are normal or behaving strangely; then, you need to be a little active as parents and then work on their mood swings so that they can learn how to feel better. Here there are some symptoms given that will tell you about your kids’ struggle.

  • He is more clinging than usual.
  • He seems agitated and fidgety.
  • Stomach pain is a common complaint.
  • Changes in eating and sleeping habits are visible.
  • Negative feelings or concerns are expressed.
  • He gets irritated or enraged more easily.
  • Has uncontrollable crying spells
  • Concentration problems


Overall, if your child’s worry lasts more than two weeks and interferes with their regular activities, they may have an anxiety disorder. Set an appointment with your child’s doctor to discuss your concerns, then he will tell your kid how to feel better. Untreated anxiety puts children at risk for poor academic performance, friendship problems, and even depression. Untreated pressure in children can potentially cause mental illness as they grow older. When children are worried or nervous, they may find it difficult to express their feelings. As a result of their lifestyle solutions, parents must notify the indicators of anxiety in their children. With these most basic signs, you can see that a child is worried.

Tips to feeling more organized and How to feel better for going back to school:

Your kids might get bore by their old way of learning or from their worn our study desk. You should introduce some methods to get motivated for studies as it will be difficult for them to handle themselves initially for going back to school. When you give them a new environment in a unique way, they might ignore studies at school, but as soon as they reach home, they will like to focus on tasks. It’s up to you now, either you want them dull, boring, or motivated to pay attention towards their studies. Here we will share some methods with you to make your kids more organized for going back to school.

Transform the old desk into a DIY folding desk:

You can attach the board on the lower side of the desk so that kids can quickly write and erase their rough work instead of on the pages. This way can lead your kiddos towards an exciting learning method; I think it’ll be fun for them to write and erase again and again while they are doing their homework. With this personal workspace for your kids, reading will feel less like a duty, and it’s an excellent lifestyle solution after a traumatized day at school.

Create a bookshelf behind the door:

A new year will start for them, which means they need a new bookshelf to place their new books. This change can transform their room into a library, and whenever they are not feeling good, they can transform it into their simple room by hiding it behind the door. Kids get bored by libraries, making them feel comfortable in their room, and don’t forget their comfort zone because they are already not feeling well for going back to school.

Hang calendar of strict study routine with a reward chart:

Now it’s time to hang both charts on one wall, a calendar to follow the study routine, and a reward chart in return for what they observe. Now you are thinking about why strictness is necessary at the beginning? When you follow a routine from the start, it will become your habit but if you relax your kids at first, then make them follow the calendar at the end, it will be risky, which can lower their grades after going back to school.

Your kids need to keep in focus what they are going to do today, make them follow the routine, and in return, give them their unique and favorite food. Food can make them do anything, so take advantage of it and build their future.

Renovate their room:

It’s time to change their simple room into a colorful one, decorate the room, focus on lifestyle solutions, and don’t décor without their permission. Ask your kid what type of changes they need, show them your choice and then decide; otherwise, instead of giving a good impression, their room might become the scariest place for them to live. You can hang their favorite paintings (don’t hang them in front of their study desk, it can become a distraction) on the walls, change the carpet of their room, change the direction of the bed or something which you think will be better for them.

Spend time with them and share your experiences:

Your kids might think that they are not good enough to tackle the situation or find it hard to follow the hectic routine. Share your childhood thoughts with them that it’s normal to be afraid and confuses. Tell them that sometimes things get out of control, but you should be brave enough to tackle the situation. It will make them courageous, and they will not feel down for going back to school.


Final thought:

You can look into more ways by noticing your kids’ interest; going back to school after a long time means dozens of new small things to smooth out, and it can feel like there are too many hectic things to keep track of at times. Learn how to pass this year’s school year with flying colors by studying these simple back-to-school guidelines. These back-to-school tricks will ensure smoother mornings, more leisurely lunches, increase your kid’s interest in their studies, and How to feel better if the situation change suddenly.

Trying something new always amuse kids, don’t forget to learn your kid’s interests and then work on them. After all, you want some time for yourself too; you’ll have more time to do what you want to do: spend time with your family by following these tips to find lifestyle solutions. Set up a couple of these organizational hacks at the start of the year. You’ll pay only a little bit of time here and then start your everyday life.

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