Are you stressed with the problem of open pores too? Having flawless skin is a dream wish but considering the exposure our skin faces these days, this has merely remained a wish. But knowing how to shrink large pores can help you control these large open pores and improve your skin dramatically. A good skin represents a good health.

What are open pores?

Open pores are natural ventilators of our skin. These large pores are a gateway to allow the natural skin oils (sebum) and sweat to move out, and to get rid of them altogether is practically impossible.

These pores become a problem when they are visible to the naked eye affecting our skin. We can minimize the appearance of these large pores through various means but to close them is not possible.

Causes of large pores:

There are many causes of large pores. Some of the main causes are listed here

  • Dust
  • High sebum production
  • Genetic skin type
  • Aging
  • Sun damage
  • Acne

Identify your cause of open pores and we have come up for you with some dermatological approved ways to shrink large pores which will help you get flawless, smooth and radiant skin.

1. Washing your face:

The most important part of your skincare routine is to wash your face. It is the foremost step which removes the accumulated dust and oils from your skin.

Dermatologists advise to wash your face at least one time daily, but the ideal requirement is two times; morning and night.

A mild face wash with the desired pH levels between 4.7-5.7 are typically recommended. Don’t forget to use lukewarm water because it provides the optimal requirements to produce the adequate foam and also preserves the pH of the skin.

After washing, always pat dry your face, rubbing hardly may cause more damage to your skin.

2. Exfoliate your skin:

Large pores are a favorite logging site for dust, oil and bacteria on the skin. They are hard to remove by daily washing. Hence, the best option remains to use scrubs to exfoliate these clogged particles out of their hiding places.

Scrubs contain minute particles which penetrate these pores to extract the debris clinging to the dead skin cell and removing the dull layer of the skin to bring out the clear fresh skin beneath.

Some of the best recommended are the scrubs containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids. AHAs loosen the dead skin cells and sebum from the pores and BHAs penetrate them to extract out all the impurities, leaving behind radiant, glowing skin.

3. Use clay masks:

Of all the reasons for large pores, oil and sebum accumulation is one of the most common and difficult to get rid of. This oil later on clogs the pores and prevents the dead cells from shedding off producing blackheads.

 Hence, it is essential to control these oils and the best option remains, the conventional clay masks which are being used from the past many centuries and you can also use these to shrink large pores of your skin.

They detoxify the skin and reduce the pores miraculously, removing all the oils and dust. Also a wide range of clay masks are available. You could definitely choose your favorite from them.

4. Making the right moisturizer choices:

To keep our skin soft, smooth and glowing, a daily moisturizer is a must. But it is important to use the one which suits your skin type.

Genetically, 4 types of skins are there

  • Normal
  • Oily
  • Sensitive
  • Combination

Not all the moisturizers suit every skin type. Oil based lotions and creams can further enhance our problem of large pores, increasing its accumulation and causing the pores to expand, especially if you have an oily T-zone. So choose your moisturizer wisely.

5. Sunscreen:

Sun based damage to our skin is the one which we take super causally, knowing the fact that it can harm our skin in many ways. This is the reason, now even the creams and makeup bases come with SPFs.

To shrink the large pores on our skin, we should at least use SPF 50 sunblock to protect our skin from harmful radiations of sun.

6. Using liquid makeup:

Make up has remained a feminine attraction among all the age groups for a long time now. In the excitement of using new, innovative and fancy makeup products, we often overlook the exposure of our skin faces.

Liquid makeups penetrate our skin layers and accumulate in these pores making them more prominent. The best counter remedy is to use primers to protect the skin and also to get a smooth base for long lasting makeup. A two in one deal!

7. Never sleep with makeup ON:

Despite all the skincare you do to protect your skin, all of your efforts are drained down a hole if you sleep with your makeup on. The sticky makeup attracts more dust and oil and clogs the pores, enlarging it more and more. Surely, you don’t want that. If you want to shrink large pores then never do this. 

8. Drink more water:

Hydrating your skin is just as important to get the glowing, soft and radiant skin. The more water we drink, the more oil and pH of the skin stays balanced and checked. This simple practice can help us prevent not only large pores but also blemishes, acne and breakouts. 

9. Eat healthy:

Not only water but a healthy diet is also super important. Fruits and salads compliment our skin in ways which cannot be gained anywhere else. Along with this, we should also avoid eating too much fast food and oily snacks.

A healthy diet is a key to healthy skin.

10. Retinol- a magic trick

Retinol is a natural vitamin A source for our skin which works wonders in all ways. This is the reason it is one of the star ingredients of our dermatologic industries.    It not only controls the oil production of our skin but also increases collagen production, reducing the signs of aging and makes our skin as healthy and glowing as ever.