Does your life become messy, and all you are doing is getting stressed about organizing it now? You might be thinking of getting some help from your friend, or you will ask your sibling to do it. Instead of doing valuable things, you are just wasting time thinking about it. That’s where you need to add google sheets in your life to organize it. Now you are wondering how to use google sheets and how these sheets are helpful. These sheets will play a leading role in your life to collect what you need to do and when you should do it. Life should not be messy when you are busy because you will get more depressed by its condition; when your life is organized well, you can work better.

What are google sheets?

Google sheets allow you to collect, analyze, manipulate data in meaningful ways with google sheets formulas, formatting tools, and easy to create charts and graphs. Google sheet is a robust data analysis tool that allows multiple people to collaborate in actual times. Changes in data and everything is saved automatically. If you want to access google docs, google drawings, google slides, google forms, google keep, and google sites, it is the best option because its services are free.

How to use google sheets to organize your life:

If you want to get organized life at work, at school, at home, or in general, google sheets will do it for you. Many people will suggest you different apps for this purpose, and some of them might be paying apps which is not a good thing to do. It would help if you had a little guidance, and then you are ready to shine. Now we are going to take a glance at each task in detail that how you can use it for different things in the right way:

Google sheets at work:

When you get a new project and think about completing it on time, split it into different parts. Add a heading of the piece in one column of the Sheet, the time you will give it per day, and the duration in which you complete it. How to use google sheets to make some changes? You can make these changes at any time without creating a new sheet because its data is changeable.

Even at work on regular days, you can use it daily, like when you reach the office, write everything you need to do on that day, and check it at the end of the day if you completed your task at the right time.

How to use google sheets to manage the task as a student?

As a student, you can create, edit, share and collaborate on various spreadsheets and forms with Google Sheets. It includes professionally designed templates that aid in the visualization of data and the improvement of workflow. You can brainstorm for different tasks you wanted to accomplish as students in the future with google sheets.

google-sheets vs. excel to can organize your home:

If it’s looking challenging to manage your home daily, then google sheets might help you. You might do chores on time you want, but some attractions or laziness can become a barrier between you and your tasks. Then google sheets will organize it for you; you can right everything which you have to do with the status column; every evening, check either you have done it or not. Fill in the status column; it will make you responsible for doing everything. In the case of Excel, you need to create a new file every time you make a change in your plan.

Manage finance with google sheets formulas


If you exceed the budget limit every month, google sheets are the best option for you to stay within the limit to manage finance. Managing finance is a real test in everyone’s life; in less than an hour, you can construct your own free Google Sheet budget template. You’ll also learn more about your money and how you think about it by creating your budget. Setting financial goals is what a budget is all about. Your income sets a hard limit on the amount of money you can spend. You can, however, make a plan of how to spend your money within the constraints of your income. Your financial data from the past is a beautiful place to start when designing your budget. Examine your bank records from the last few months to determine where your money is going.

Google Sheets vs Excel Sheets:

Share your data with anyone directly from google sheets:

You can share data by putting limitations and restriction according to your own choice with other people through google sheets. If you are working with other fellows, it’s the easiest way to share data with them if you don’t want them to change anything but the restriction. But in the case of excel, you have to send the file through some sharing apps.

Pivot Tables are updated regularly.

When the underlying data changes in this, there is no need to Refresh pivot tables. It automatically and quickly updates. It makes are significant difference between google sheets vs. excel.

Finance feature on Google

Google truly knows the potential of the internet, as evidenced by the complete experience of Google Finance and Google Sheets! Data from Google Finance can be directly imported into a Google Sheet by utilizing the Google finance function for the stock market and other investors. You can calculate the results with google sheets formulas easily.

List of keyboard shortcuts

You may receive a list of the most frequently used keyboard shortcuts from the Help menu, or you can use the shortcut Ctrl + / to receive the list right away! It is pretty helpful because it eliminates the need to search the internet for shortcuts constantly.

History of Changes

When working with others, this is even another great function.

Select See Revision History from the File menu.

A list of all modifications will show, and you can go back in time at any point to a previous version of your work.


How to get started?

To get started, all you need to do is to follow these steps

  • sign in to your Google account,
  • Go to
  • To create the google sheet, click the colorful + square
  • You will see the google sheet, which you can use for different purposes.


When Google introduced how to use Google Sheets for different tasks, it ushered in a whole new way for individuals to collaborate online to create and edit documents and spreadsheets in groups. They actively involve collaboration platform has transformed the way people work today. Many start-up organizations use this to manage their data and calculate the results with google sheets formulas. It primarily assists students in working in groups on the same Sheet at the same time. Each person can also see what the others are doing right now in the Sheet on a visual level. If you are thinking about the safety of your data, then we assure you that it is secure to use. If you are managing your home, finance, project, or even if you are a student, it is made for everyone who wanted to organize their life.

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