The great Queen of Wales, Princess Diana, has remained a leading figure until today. She found the basis of many trends and emerged as an inspiration for many around the globe, even decades after her death. Lady Diana was the Fashion Icon of the late 20th century and the stunning Diva of her time. The fashion sense she followed at her time were the ones which are remembered as Princess Diana outfit and also brought back into trend by many well known designers today.

Here is a short list of some moments when Princess Diana proved through her dressing sense that how far sighted and ahead of her times she was.

1. The wedding gown:

Starting with her first step into the royal family, her dressing sense was depicted by her very own wedding gown which was THE best even among the royal wedding line. No other princess before her could match her in this regard.

The gown was made under top class secrecy containing a blend of traditional family heirlooms, up to date, best quality silk, glamorous accessories and even a secretly sewn good luck charm within.

Rumors were there that a separate safe was built to keep the princess Diana dress from leaking out before the wedding day.

2. White and black dress code:

The combination of white and black was one of the most favorites of Lady Diana. It presented her with great elegance, grace and sophistication that a princess should have to.

She wore black and white on a number of occasions, especially noted was the suit she wore for her visit to Vancouver in 1986. The famous Designer Tory Burch recreated this look for her 2020 spring collection.

3. Polka dots:

These might seem old fashioned and outdated but Princess Diana made her outfit a trend in her time and even today. She wore polka prints of all types-bid and small, making this an all time favorite.

Tracking her outfits, the princess wore polka printed dress on various important appearances. She wore it after her engagement, her first maternity appearance in public, after the birth of Prince Williams, first photo shoot of Prince Williams, different royal visits and many more.

4. Sports outfit:

The sophisticated and well dressed princess kept her charm even in the casual and informal dressing outfits.

In 1995, she was spotted in a “Virgin Atlantic” sweatshirt, orange shorts and sneakers. Many actresses and renowned celebrities still follow this trend.

5. Military suit:

Princess Diana showed what a true princess had to do. She stood with the soldiers and the troops of her company. On various occasions, Princess Diana, dressed in military and combat suits with utter glamour and stunning beauty to boast their morals.

Princess Katherine and Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla and many other members of the royal family followed this trend later.

6. Tuxedo:

Lady Diana laid the foundation of the gender neutral outfits among the royal family.

In 1984, Princess Diana wore an outfit which was classic white and black tuxedo to the Genesis concert at National Exhibition Center in Birmingham. As usual, she wore it with profound glamour and looked remarkable.

Later on Meghan Markel followed her footsteps by attending an event in black tuxedo, designed by Judith & Charles. 

7. Jewellery innovations:

Just like different parts of her personality, Lady Diana kept experimenting with her dressing sense and outfits. She often uses her accessories in different and innovative ways.

Once, in 1885, she wore a choker as a headband, while the royal couple was attending a formal event in Australia. These innovations later on became a practiced tradition among the designers on their fashion launches worldwide. 

8. Revenge dress:

One of the most talked and known dresses of Princess Diana was the dress she wore to the Serpentine Gallery on the day Prince Charles revealed his relation with Camilla Rosemary.

She wore a bold black, off shoulder dress which was nowhere near the royal standards. Rumors were there that she was going to wear a Valentino dress to the event. But her husband’s elopement made her go bold. This dress was famously known as “The revenge dress”.

9. Travolto  dress:

Originally, it was a deep blue velvet designed by Victor Edelstein which she wore to the Gala Dinner at White House in 1985, but along the way she carried the dress with immense grace and beauty and the dance she performed with the great actor John Travolto gave the dress a new name.

10. Princess in Red:

The great Princess of Wales gave red outfits a new electric spark. She wore red on a number of occasions and mesmerized everyone with her charm and beauty. Many designers had tried to copy her style and elegance ever since.


Taking her dressing sense as a source of inspiration, many young emerging talents are trying to reignite the trends Lady Diana used to follow. And despite the fact that more than 20 years have passed since her death, she continues to influence people around the globe.

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