Weight gain is becoming one of the leading problems nowadays. According to statistics, obesity and weight gain are among the leading diseases in 2021. But why has this ratio increased so rapidly? And why is it still increasing? Have we ever thought about that aspect, even for a second? The simple answer lies in our lifestyle and the reasons of gaining weight are in front of us but we don’t see it.

Our ways of leading life have changed drastically over the past few decades, and these have left a deep impact on our health and mind. Although these habits are hard to break now, firm determination to have a healthy mind and body can help us achieve these targets.

With the recent studies, doctors have come up with some things which made us gain weight without even realizing it, and these things need to be changed. If we can avoid these, such weight and obesity issues can be overcome in no time.

1. Diet:

This is a fact that nobody can deny that weight gain is directly related to the amount and the type of diet we take. And keeping the current situation in front, more than 70% of the world population eats unhealthy, processed and preserved food.

The concept of fresh and pure food has been replaced by ready to serve, ready to eat food. Adding to the story is the part of fast food and bakery items with their appealing, mouth watering and tempting appearances that almost everyone is compelled to eat without even a second thought.

2. Sedentary lifestyle:

Sedentary lifestyle is also on of the reasons of gaining weight. We eat so that we can gain energy to work and carry out our daily chores, which demands efforts but technology and advancements bought us machines to do that for us. Now we have a machine for almost everything.

You need to wash the clothes-washing machine there.

You need to go to market-cars and automobiles there.

And You need to clean the floor and carpets-vacuum cleaners are there.

There are machines for even the tiniest of the work we have to do. These things made our lives easier, and also made us lazy and indolent. All the efforts which were to be used to burn body fat are being stored as fats inside our body making us gain weight.

3. Stress:

One of the approved causes of weight gain is stress. This is actually a vicious cycle. Stress causes us to have sleeping issues. We cannot sleep properly and to distract us from eating unhealthy snacks, these snacks are unfulfilling and produce negative effects on our body. And our health further declines causing more stress.

The best way is to medicate and release all the stress to have a tension free life cycle.

4. Zero exercise:

Exercise is the key to burn unnecessary fat in our body. It is one of the prime requirements to have a fit body, but the facilities we enjoy; it has merely remained a forgotten ritual.

Getting up in the morning, going for jog, running, climbing stairs, and workouts demand the active body which we have forgotten in all the luxuries we face.

To prevent our bodies from gaining weight and getting our dream figure, we definitely need to bring this back in our lives.

5. Unplanned Snacks:

Unplanned snacks is one of the major reasons of gaining weight unintentionally, which keep us busy all day, have the first hand in our weight gaining award board. All day long, we eat random sacks which are not only unfulfilling but also calorie rich. They fail to fulfill our appetite and soon we find ourselves eating another serving. 

6. Eating quickly:

Studies have shown that eating food way too quickly leads to weight gain and obesity. This sounds insane, but it’s true.

Studies proved this that eating quickly does not allow the food to be chewed properly hence the brain fails to register that the stomach has reached its limit. This causes us to eat extra and hence weight is increased.

7. Drinking calories:

Drinking fresh juices can be considered healthy but wait. Is it really?

Drinking juices is in fact drinking the extra three servings of calories for the day. How come weight gain is not going to be an issue then? And to top it all up, soda and carbonated drinks garnishes with sugary overdoses.

To avoid these outcomes, it is best for us to replace these drinks with water and instead eat the fruits. These are far more beneficial, if we choose to implement them.

8. Serving sizes:

Researchers have proved that the size of our plates have a very strong effect on the amount of food we eat. If we eat in a large plate, we are definitely prone to eat more.

If we need a smart and healthy figure, he should keep our plates and servings in checked to avoid gaining weight.

9. Distractions:

We like to eat our food with something to entertain us. Let that be a Netflix movie, a binge watch TV show or a friends gathering. But the fact that we mostly ignore is that these distractions often make us eat more than we should, ending up fulfilling the temptations to ease their appetite.

10. Combo Meals:

Along with the standards of living, our standards of eating have upgraded too. We like to eat our meals with all the compliments. Burgers are must to have coke and fries. Similarly, rice with kebab and salads, pasta with bread, and many more.

These are one of the factors which lead us to weight gain and obesity.

The Bottom line:

The problem of weight and obesity are self induced. If we wish to get rid of this we should try to remove these unhealthy habits and practices from our life, and try to live healthy. This could be hard. But where there is will, there is power!!