A person comes across several kinds of people on his or her daily basis. But there are only a few who are affectionate towards him. Everybody longs for a partner who can take care of and love them back. We can give you a piece of relationship advice that will be beneficial for you.

Nowadays, most of the relationships end up being for material gains and favors. Are you in a doubt about your life partner? Or are you not happy about the way he has been treating you recently? 

Here are some clues that will unmask your partner’s reality and some relationship advice to stay strong in hard times:

1. Do not spend time with you: 

Spending time together is the key to any successful relationship. If a person loves you by heart, he would like to spend time with you and to get to know you more.

On the other hand, if your partner rarely spends any time with you, he might be using you for any of his purposes. You can find it out by reading further! 

2. Asking for favors: 

Do you feel like your partner is always in need of something from you? Whether that be money, job or little, random things.

 A fake partner ends up asking for favors to save themselves from crucial situations. They end up in trouble every now and then and ask you to clear their deeds. 

Whereas, a true life partner will want to keep you away from any type of mental stress and worry. This is strong relationship advice all women need to know that not all that glitters is gold.

3. Priorities: 

Do you feel inferior when it comes to choosing between you and someone else? A true partner cares about how you feel when he has to make a choice. They must prioritize you over others in critical situations or lifestyle changes whenever they come up. 

Fake lovers choose not to hang out with you rather prefer their friends over you. They sabotage your feelings without thinking of you. So next time you feel neglected, understand that you may have been used by your partner.

4. Lack of compliments and gestures: 

Cute gestures and little acts of love are like glue for both lovers. Passing cute compliments ensures love for each other. But if a person is using you for his sole purpose you’ll find out that these moments are rarely between you two. Either because he never compliments you or when he does, it’s only because he wants something from you.

This relationship advice for women is very important and it could be a guide that your partner is using you for his own material gains. And his actions jeopardize your feelings and emotions.

5. Introduction to his friends and family: 

Usually, If a guy is serious about the love of his life, he plans with her and wants her to meet his family and friends. A person like this introduces you to his family. And this is a strong gesture that shows that you are loved by your partner.

 But if your partner restrains from such acts then surely, he is hiding something. 

He may not be serious about your and his relationship and is just not ready to let you go because he needs something from you, another relationship advice for women. Do keep an eye on any such thing. 

6. Extraordinary Anger: 

Stress can happen to anyone but if your partner is always being over aggressive on small things is not normal. If he suddenly starts to act like he is very angry or upset about something, that is not even important then he might be faking all this. 

If your partner looks for excuses to put blame on you and remain upset with you for long durations it is possible that he is feigning the scenario, because he looks pretty happy and satisfied with others but not around you. It doesn’t sound normal at all.

Whereas, a person totally in love with you will always be there for you and tends to ignore your little mistakes, and consoles you as much as possible. These relationship vines are absent in an unhealthy relationship.

7. Closure and understanding:

 Knowing your partner is the basis of a strong bond. A fake lover rarely has these priceless moments with you where only you two talk deep and come to know each other. 

On a broad spectrum, he never gives you a chance. Most probably, there is no you in your relationship but everything is only about him. 

Talking of closure, it should not only be physical but mental as well. If your partner does not make you feel there’s special telepathy between you two. Then beware, he might not be the ONE!

What to do? 

To bring your life back on track and to exit from unnerving situations that your partner has been creating for you, you have to remove this person from your life, making healthy lifestyle changes for both your mind and body. 

This is the most beneficial relationship advice for women suffering from a single-sided bond. Yes! You must take a stand for yourself. Some things you can do to normalize your life again are as follows: 

  • Question him about the favors he needs from you 
  • Refuse from fulfilling his personal needs 
  • If he is financially dependent on you, hold your hand 
  • Ask him of his whereabouts 


If you are facing above-mentioned problems and if your partner doesn’t consider you, and doesn’t respect you, then you must take a stand for yourself. Your life is important to you and wasting it for a person who does not love you back is insanity. You should get rid of these casual formalities that you provide to a fake person.