A comparison is ever made of rich vs poor. To be rich and successful is a wish of every guy in the present world. Everybody wants to win the race of life to get a luxurious life. Not everyone achieves what they desire. Sometimes, it is due to fate or at times it’s our own actions that lead us astray.

It is a saying that “Being poor by birth is not your fault but, dying poor is your fault”. Yes! Your daily actions may be a hindrance in your path to achieving your dream lifestyle.

Some differences of rich vs poor are explained here:

1. Mindset of a clear approach:

The way your mind acts is the prime objective in becoming rich. A poor mindset will keep worrying about things and wait for a miracle to happen. Poor people’s minds are occupied. In such hustle and bustle that they either lose their ability of a rich mind or are forced to put it aside.

Whereas, a rich guy’s mind is always clear and it has space to think and meditate about its future goals. This keeps it out of stress and also makes it vigilant.

2. Time and money:

Both time and money are considered valuable in different statuses of people. Poor people think about money and how to save it. Their world revolves around this one thought of saving and collecting as much as they could. This is due to the fact that at times they could barely fulfill their needs.

Talking about the rich, they consider time more important. These people are aware of the fact that money is a game of fate. So they tend to preserve their time. They use it to self analyze themselves and to carve themselves for the upcoming hardships.

3. Personality development:

Another important difference between rich and poor lifestyles is the personality of the rich. Rich are concerned about how they appear and how their first impression should be. But, poor people are negligent in this respect. They don’t give much attention to their first impression.

Not only appearance but manners are also taken into account when the topic of the discussion is one’s personality: the rich’s way of talking, eating, walking etc, all are prestigious. Whereas, poor people tend to solve one racket they’ve created and instead create a bunch of new ones.

4. Reflection and distraction:

Becoming tired is a human thing. When you are upset you tend to do productive and happy things. Poor people are usually upset all the time and waste their time sitting idle. They lay on the couch all day long while nasty thoughts cross their mind. They make plans and schedules but don’t act upon them. Mainly, because they are too lazy to get up and act.

If we look deep into a rich lifestyle, we get to know that they meditate instead of watching ridiculous stuff on TV when upset. They are more likely to reflect on their past actions. They are ready to accept their mistakes and to correct them when necessary.

5. Control and discipline:

The discipline is a major comparing talk of rich vs poor. To live a balanced life you need to have control over it. Mainly your own actions and reactions should be measured. Poor people are not sure about what they are supposed to do.

Discipline in life is very important. Rich people usually spend a disciplined life with everything in routine. On the other hand, poor people always have something going in their lives which causes them to lose their routine.

6. Vision and aim:

Having a vision about something shows the presence of a rich mind. Every rich person likes to have his own perspective about things. They tend to create and dislike copying. Mimicking others is not their thing.

But poor people are easy to amuse. They get inspired from every other personality that crosses their way and try to copy his way. It would be true to say that they get blind by looks, money and power and wish to seek all these things as well.

7. Nutrition and diet:

Food is diesel to life. Loving food is becoming the new trend. For sure every person likes to eat. But, eating by knowledge is a different case.  Rich and wealthy people eat a balanced meal. They are not a miser nor extravagant. Rich people like to consume only healthy meals twice a day.

On the other hand, poor people can be called greedy. They are miser at times and when it comes to free stuff they lose their patience and break upon food as if they’ve never eaten before. They don’t care about diet or how much they should eat at a time. Food also makes a comparison of rich vs poor.

8. Leadership Qualities:

Most of the rich people are acknowledged for their leading qualities. They can easily command and tell people what to do. They can manage large crowds and know how to deal with unusual situations.

Talking about poor people, they like limelight but are not aware of the effort to achieve it. They love to be in power but don’t know how to control it and where to use it. They lose control and face their own defeat.

9. Giving and sharing:

Rich vs poor can also be differentiated by observing the giving and sharing. Giving is a virtue of God and He has taught us to give. Being miser is a quality of poor mind. A poor person spends half of his life saving stuff for the future. They can be good natured and kind but sharing is not something a poor mind thinks of.

Whereas, rich people believe in sharing and distributing in others. A rich mind will know for sure that giving others what they have will enhance what they have.

10. Patience:

Another very important factor of life is being patient. Poor people often forget about what patience brings at the end and start complaining about minute things. They get upset at little stuff and destroy what happy moments they have.

Rich people believe in enjoying the moments first and worrying the next. They try to calm their body by enjoying what they have. Patience is a practice they do every day.


There are a lot of things common in rich and poor people too. Like losing temper and sad feelings. But some ways of controlling your life can cause a lot of change in what kind of life you live in. So, try to induce productive and imperative habits to your lifestyle so that you can benefit from your actions.