Being in love with someone is one of the most confusing as well as surprising feelings ever, not only for women but also for men. It is one of the most difficult things to express without trying to scare the person away.  So people, mainly men, mostly avoid having direct conversations about their feelings, particularly about love. So, you have to pick up the signs of love.

You must have heard that “Actions speak louder than words”. Instead of having direct conversations he mostly tries to express themselves through their small everyday gestures or body language.

We have brought up some of the surest signs of love to help to realize that your man is in love with you, even if he is too shy to say it.

1. Remembers small details:

When a man starts falling in love, the first sign is that he starts noticing you closely, observing you and remembering small details about you, and then forming inferences from those observations.

It could start with taking notice of what type of dress you wear mostly. And what color you like to wear most, what your daily routine is, what you like to have for lunch, dinner, or snack time, how you like your tea or coffee, etc. 

These are the minor things for you but for him it’s a disguised attempt to tell you that he cares about you and at times he may mold himself or his routine according to yours just to see that smile on your face.

2. Brags about you:

One of the positive signs that a man is in love with you is that unknowingly he speaks too much about you. He might include you in every conversation he has and brags about you unknowingly, portraying you as a newly won medal.

You might not be aware of this as he expresses his feelings mostly in front of his friends or other people but this is one of the surest signs of love. Strange, but this is what newly found love can do to a man.  

3. Compliments you:

When a man loves you, he starts taking notice of your daily things, it is one of the surest signs that the man would compliment you on one or another thing that he might find cute or attractive about you.

The reason behind this is mostly that he doesn’t want to scare you off by overexpressing himself with his emotions.  

4. Listens to you:

Men are rarely patient listeners. They avoid getting involved in too many talkative situations normally but they might do this for you. 

Listening to you when you are stressed by getting in deep shit talks and giving advice on critical matters. And listening to even your normal random talks just to know you more deeply and clearly. It indicates that he is definitely falling for you by showing these signs of love.

5. Prioritize you:

Giving priority to someone is a human way of telling that they hold a valuable close place in their life. This is not explained or told rather is an unconscious lifestyle change that is expressed through your body language and this is what men mostly prefer to do.

The thought of overexpressing themselves and ruining everything through their haste totally prevents them from expressing themselves at all. So this is the way they bring their emotions out.

By taking out the extra time of your day just to spend with you, or buy something for you when in the market, or waiting for you to show up are small gestures that pop out their intentions and feelings for you. This all occurs when a man is in love with you.

6. Takes stand for you:

Where a man is proud to have you as an important part of his life and brags about you, at the same time, he won’t let any bad thing happen to you. 

In any situation, where you need him, he stands beside you as a pillar of support. He would take a stand for you where necessary to prevent anyone from saying foul about you.

This is the indication of a true man, signs of love, a man who loves you. And words aren’t necessary to say this because actions really speak louder than words.

7. Sacrifice for you:

When the time demands, love is ready to sacrifice. This is what folk tales and fantasy stories told us since childhood. But we realize this when we experience this ourselves.

A man who truly loves you is ready to sacrifice himself just for the sake of your happiness.

 It could be as small as waiting an extra hour or giving up his choice for yours too as big as taking a stand for you in people risking his self-respect and self-esteem. Such a person is worth giving up everything for.


Men tend to be more unexpressive than women. They won’t say it but they truly love you and care about you. They can only speak through their lifestyle changes and bodily gestures which they purely make for you. Maybe that is the reason women have a natural instinct to pick up such signs of love. 

What do you think?

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