The human body facts are necessary to know. The Human Body is the best looking but the most mystifying complex machine. We live with this amazing body every day. So we have got so used to it that sometimes it is easy for us to neglect the amazing things in our body like internal organs, eyes, or even the cells which are the basic building blocks of life.

Some facts about the human body are listed below that for sure will blow your mind away.

There is a slight increase in your height in the morning.

Try measuring your height in the morning and then later at the night again. You will see that there is a slight increase in your height in the morning when you wake up. And during the day the cartilage in your bones compresses thanks to gravity.

Any idea of how many times does the heartbeat per day.

Your heart sends about two thousand gallons of blood throughout the body by beating almost 100,000 times per day, though it may vary depending on the beats per minute.

Do you know which organ has the highest blood flow in your body? Kidneys!

The human organ having the most blood flow isn’t your brain, liver, or heart, it is in fact, your kidneys as they are the natural filtration system of your body.

What color are healthy lungs? Pink!

Pink lungs show that they are healthy and they are also rubbery in texture on the outside.

As you have heard many people say that smoking is the most stylish way to cancer because it makes your lungs more black and tarries, also causing adverse consequences on the quality of life. Smoking can even lead to the formation of bubbles called blebs, rupturing the lungs, leading to a condition called spontaneous pneumothorax.

Black and white dreams!

People who dream in the black and white roundabout to 12%. What’s weirder is that even long before color TV, about 15% of humans used to dream in black and white. It is fascinating for us to find out how our brain is so receptive to media. This was a very interesting one of the facts about the human body.

Do you have any idea about how amazingly long are the human blood vessels?

Here is another amazing human body fact. The networking of small blood vessels throughout our body is so amazingly long that if we lay them out they would be more than 60,000 miles long.  The length of your blood vessels could even circle around the globe but you might not wanna dig out your blood vessels and do that!

How many taste buds do you think an average human has?

One of the facts about the human body is the number of these tiny sense organs found in your body is about 2000 to 4000. Many of you don’t know that taste buds are not only found on your tongue but are also located in your nose, esophagus, and in back of your throat. One of the important elements of taste is the sense of smell. You guessed it right, our nose has the ability to taste too!

Any idea of how many muscles does a human body has?

There are about 600 muscles in an average human body and the strongest one is located in your jaw that is known as a masseter muscle while the weakest muscle known as stapedius muscle is located in the middle of your ear.

Do you know the human brain has a harder time with long-term memories?

As time passes, the human brain finds it harder to impossible to filter and eliminate the old memories, eventually preventing them from absorbing new information, and making the brain work harder to generate memories over the average lifetime.

Do you know how many bacteria are normally on the human skin?

On average, about 1000 species of bacteria are on your skin. Are you flabbergasted? Well, don’t be! As your skin plays an essential role in protecting your body against bacteria, that’s why the outer layer of your skin renews itself regularly and about 28 days are required for this entire process.

Do you know which is the body’s smallest bone?

The human body facts list also contains the interesting fact that the smallest bone on your body is known as “ossicles” that is located in your ear, while “femur” the longest bone is found in your thighs, which is also the strongest one.

Wanna know another fun fact about human bones? Your feet consist of one-fourth of your body’s bones.

What grows faster? Toenails or fingernails?

Have you ever noticed that you trim your fingernails more often? This is because they grow faster than toenails.

Whom do you resemble more? Mom or dad?

There is a greater chance that you are more like your dad. Why? Because according to the research, human genes tend to favor the male sperm over the female egg, especially over multiple generations and this process is called “gene expression.”

Do you sweat a lot?

It’s the reason is that about 2 to 5 million sweat glands are there in an average human body. And if these glands are more active then a person will sweat more. This process gives you a signal that you need to cool off first in order to carry on with your workout.

Other interesting facts about the human body are that there are two types of sweat. Regular sweat and stress sweat, are not the same. Regular sweat does not contain fatty acids, while stress sweat does!

What is the purpose of wisdom teeth? Any guesses?

You will find this one of the facts about the human body weird but wisdom teeth indeed have no purpose at all. They are just the result of hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution.

Have you ever thought about what is your tongue made up of?

The human tongue consists of eight interwoven muscles and the octopus’s tentacle or the elephant’s trunk have an identical structure.

What is the fastest muscle in your body?

The fastest muscle, known as “extraocular muscle”, is in your eyes. Which allows your eyes to flick in a single 50 milliseconds movement in the same direction.

After knowing all these facts about the human body you will surely think that your body is so weird but also very amazing. So do make sure that you take proper care of your body by having a healthy diet, regular workout, and last but not least a proper night’s sleep. Make sure that body is treated properly so that it can take proper care of you too!