The longest day of the year

The summer solstice is also known to us as the Estival Solstice. People also called summer solstice midsummer. The summer solstice usually takes place when the Earth’s stanchions have their highest slope towards the Sun. Summer Solstice is meaning in simpler words, is the time when the Sun reaches its maximum declination. The Summer Solstice happens two times a year in each half-sphere. In June solstice, the northern half semi-sphere inclines more towards the Sun’s direction, making the days longer with intense heat and sunlight. It is the longest day of the year with many hours with Sun and the sunsets more slowly. This case is different in the southern hemisphere, where June is the start of the winter and is the shortest day of the year.

21st June Summer Solstice

The question is, today is the summer solstice? Yes but, how are we so sure that today is the summer solstice. Most people believe that today 21st June is the Solstice making it the start of the summer season. The Summer Solstice date happens between 20th June to 22nd June, depending upon the time zone. Solstice on 22nd June is very rare that it is mostly believed to be on 21st June. In 2021, the summer solstice happens to be on the same day as Father’s Day. What a coincidence.
Moreover, the June solstice is not based on a specific calendar. Rather its timing depends on the Sun. That is when the Sun reaches the northernmost point. So, it’s not right to believe that the summer solstice always happens on the same day.

Importance of Summer Solstice

No doubt, the summer solstice has a very important role because, in this, the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky, and the day is observed to be the longest day of the year. It means that the summer solstice has been an integral part of a year. It is observed in many cultures, and many people celebrate it with full joy and excitement. They take it as a festival for celebration or a day to ward off evil spirits.

Summer Solstice Rituals

Summer Solstice rituals and traditions have an important role as many people celebrate this time in many different ways. They do a bonfire, have a picnic, cook delicious foods, and enjoy a holiday; moreover, they collect various herbs and dance with their friends and family. The people also practice many of the ancient rituals and customs. In ancient times used this day to organize calendars and a big time for farmers to decide when to plant and harvest them. Most of the marriages would also take place at this time of the year. Most people believe that this summer solstice brings happiness and eradicates negative and gloomy thoughts. They celebrate it by burning a witch figure made up of cloth on the top of the fire to scare away the evil spirits. Many spiritual people who observe nature consider this day very sacred and spiritual.

People celebrate the summer solstice traditions in their ways according to their beliefs. They observe, meditate on this day, and announce it as a holiday like in some countries. While for the rest, it is just a start of a new season or a normal day with Sun and the routine stuff. In Swedes, people celebrate the beginning of this season by eating the first strawberries of the season, while in other states, it the best time to pick strawberries.

New Beginnings

The summer solstice is not an ordinary but a very important and sacred day to many people. It symbolizes new beginnings, journeys and a day of positivity and pleasure. This day is memorable to many as they take place in many various celebrations and functions. Whether it’s a bonfire with friends or a small picnic with family, a day of solitude to observe mother nature, a big event to ward off evil spirits by burning a witch, or a small act of dining with friends, this day has its importance in our minds. Nobody can deny it; this year was way more special because of the Father’s Day that came with it, increasing our happiness. There is no doubt that there had been a lot of family day out and meetups today.